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Nature based experiential learning practices in youth work

Training for youth workers in experiential learning in coöperation with Kamaleonte (IT)

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Youth Exchange Teenage mothers 2022

Exchange of good practices, methods, peer to peer exchanges, going abroad in an international context. Teenage mothers together with their children

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Past Projects


LEJO and Via Experientia finished the summer with a BANG!

Thanks to the wonderful organisation LEJO. Sun decided to also stay a while there to enjoy the moment with the nearly 30 Alumni present. As they shared and worked and reflected and discussed and dreamt about many topics using experiential learning method as a core focus, the energy of a meaningful experience was reloading the individuals to continue their own journey with new tools.

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Youth Exchange Marokko 2015

In July 2015, the young people travelled for three weeks to the village of Bni Kitoune in northeastern Morocco for the journey of a lifetime. In Morocco, they contributed for three weeks in July 2015 to the projects of the Support Project. Since 2010, this organization has been working for the population of the Rif Mountains in northeastern Morocco, a region from which many Belgian migrants come. Through cooperatives, they want to improve health care and education in Morocco.

The young people helped at a school, animated the children of the vacation home and cooperated in the goat cooperative in making the cheese. Meanwhile, they stayed in groups in a Moroccan host family and tasted the local color.

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